Fosette KAL Modification Number 1: Short Rows in the Neck


Hello Knitters!

I will be detailing the mods that I made to my latest version of the Fosette Crop for your future reference! This knitalong has already been so much fun. Feel free to email me at devinATknittymcpurlyDOTCOM if you have any comments or questions about this pattern!  

You may have noticed that this pattern does not include any short row shaping in the back of the neck.  This is because I like a simple pattern and personally, I don't care if the front neck of my sweater is slightly lower than the back.  But maybe you do!

If that's the case, here are some directions for adding in short rows:

Bobbly Yoke with Mosaic Colorwork

Round 1: Knit

Round 2: K 34 (36, 36, 40) [40, 42, 42, 42], wrap & turn.

Cont: Purl back to 3 sts before marker, wrap & turn.

Finish Round 2: Knit to wrapped stitch, pick up wrap and knit to end.

Round 3: Knit, picking up wrap when you come to it.

Then continue on with the pattern as written! This will add two extra rows to the back of the neck only, and will cause about 1/3" / 1.3 cm of drop in your front neckline.  It's not much (and you could add more short rows if you like!), but it will satisfy your craving for short rows.

Again, these are not necessary for a well-fitting sweater!  But here they are if you like them.  :)

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