An Easy Makeover for the Canyon Cardigan


I love my Canyon Cardigan.  Like, LOVE. It's a cocoon cardigan that is so snuggly and comfy and I love to wear it around the house with yoga pants and a tank top. This was the use for which I originally designed it, which is why it used to have extra long sleeves and thumb holes. Like this:

Yes, I know I'm wearing it with jeans here, but I found that the extra snuggliness of it precluded wearing it as a "nice" garment; in real life, it was relegated only to pajamas.  And this sweater was a little too nice for that, you know?

And I found this super cute picture on Pinterest (Photo Credit: Nordstrom Rack) that made me want to tailor this sweater a bit:

So I shortened the sleeves! Not quite as cropped as the Nordstrom sweater, but still a lot shorter. Here's how I did it:

1. I wore the sweater in front of the mirror and marked with a pin on each sleeve approximately where I wanted to rip back to, figuring on about a 1" cuff..

2. I ruthlessly and violently cut about an inch off the end of one sleeve. (Actually, I did it very calmly, but it felt so WRONG.) I did this because I have been (hand) washing and wearing this sweater for years and the cuffs were a bit felted despite being superwash.

3. I ripped back to the pin and balled up the yarn. 

4. I threaded three US size 2/2.75 mm DPNs into the sts and worked a k1, p1 rib for 6 rounds.

5. Then I bound off gently and repeated on the opposite sleeve.

This was just sort of a test to see if I liked the width of the sleeves and the length of the cuff.  I will wear it like this for a few years and decide if I like it. If not, I will rip back again and try something new! I am open to slimmer sleeves or a longer cuff... we shall see.

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