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Knitter’s Elbow

Devin Ventre

It’s become kind of iconic in our household: Mama sitting on the couch, knitting. Sometimes when I put my three year old to bed, she tells me that I need to go sit on the couch, in my regular spot, and KNIT.  It’s like she feels safe knowing that I will be there, with my needles clicking, if she needs anything. So, knitting is kind of important in our house.  Which is why this next part is so hard for me to talk about.  But I’ve decided to tell you the truth... I have... *sigh*...  Knitter’s Elbow. Sometimes called (ok,...

How To Attach a Pocket to a Knitted Sweater

Devin Ventre

Hey, folks! I thought I would work up a little photo tutorial on how to attach the pockets to my Gigi and Little Gigi cardigans. (This also works for the Potomac cardigan and Potomac worsted!) But, this tutorial would really work anytime you are attaching a knitted pocket to a knitted object. I hope you find it helpful! If you prefer video tutorials, this one from Garnstudio uses the same techniques, but with a stockinette pocket instead of reverse stockinette.  Good luck, and leave a comment if  you have any questions/comments! This is a rustic, simple sweater, and I liked the way the sewn on pocket...