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Luna McPurly Pouch with Cobalt Blue Zipper

Knitty McPurly

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Luna McPurly Pouch with Cobalt Blue Zipper

The McPurly Pouch is the perfect pouch to store knitting notions, chapstick, medicines, sanitizer, lotion, money, knick-knacks, etc! This sweet little pyramid pouch measures approximately 5.5" x 5.5" x 5.5", and it's just so cute! The genuine suede loop attaches an antique bronze keychain and clip so you can attach your bag to your purse or anywhere else! The quilted center is made with 100% cotton batting.

The Luna McPurly Pouch is neutral with a pop of bright blue zipper, with a 100% cotton gold moon patterned canvas outer with round Knitty McPurly label, a bright zipper, gold tone crescent moon progress keeper/zipper pull and coordinating moon lining.

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