Which Stitch Marker Necklace is Right for You?


Hello Knitters!

Here at Knitty McPurly, we believe that you should always feel pretty. And what better way to gee up a regular day outfit than a pretty (and functional) necklace?  I am a homeschooling mom and I still wear a necklace almost every day. At least every day that I change out of my pajamas. ;)

Every Knitty McPurly Stitch Marker Necklace contains stitch markers which can be used in your knitting, but they look like regular necklaces. And they layer beautifully! 

Let's start with Fiona.

The Fiona Necklace is the shortest at 20", and has low profile large hexagon stitch markers. It has a finer chain and smaller clasp than the longer necklaces and it comes in copper, gold and silver tones. Each color also has matching earrings if that's your thing!

To use these fabulous stitch markers, just unclasp the necklace, pop one off and onto your knitting! Slipping this baby as you work just makes you feel so couture...

Fiona layers really nicely with the longer necklaces. Here it is with the Olive (teardrop shaped) Necklace in all the colors.

Tip: The gold pairs nicely with the Antique Bronze!  I wear these together all the time.

Here is Silver...

And Antique Bronze/Gold...

And copper.

The Olive Necklace shown above has a 28" chain and comes in all three colors, like Fiona. The pendant is 1" tall and 5/8" wide and is just so pretty and delicate. It contains three small copper triangle stitch markers that fit up to a US#8 needle.

The Charlotte and Alexis Necklaces are named after two of my daughters. Just like their names' sakes, they are very similar, but one is big and one is small. :)

These delicate filigree pendants hang from 28" ball chains. Alexis is 1" in diameter and is more of a statement piece, compared to the diminutive Charlotte which is  1" tall and 5/8" wide, just like the Olive Necklace. Alexis can hold more hexagon stitch markers, seven compared to Charlotte's three.

Here's Alexis...

And Charlotte...

And finally, the one that is probably my most favorite, even though it comes in only one color: Stella. This has the same specs as the Alexis Necklace and is such a statement piece. It would layer so well with the Fiona Necklace in gold!

If you have read this far, you must be in the market for a budget-friendly stitch marker necklace!

Use the code IAMBEAUTIFUL (I just really wanted you to type that out!) to get 50% off one necklace when you buy two at the regular price. Get two for yourself and one for a friend!

Happy knitting!


Devin  :)

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