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This post has been edited as of 8/25/2020. The original post can still be found below.

I decided to rename this sweater Awaken. It's not different, but it doesn't poke the bear. My original intention was to be funny, but my wise husband suggested that not everyone would laugh. (Is it wrong that even that makes me laugh?) He recommended that I keep everything but the name.  He is often right about these things. 

It has always been my stance to leave politics out of knitting, and here I think I came a little too close to not doing that.  Knitting is for FUN, and I want to keep it that way!  :)

Original Post:

I recently posted my new Woke Sweater on Instagram, and I noticed that I lost a handful of followers, and got a few questions. So I thought I would take a moment and talk about the impetus behind this sweater design.

Perhaps some did not like that I am working with Maria Tusken. But I do that very un-apologetically because she is wonderful! I love that, like me, she looks for the humor in life, and has created a line of yarn to poke fun at politics in the United States today. 

When in doubt, find the funny - you will be happier if you do.

Have you seen Life is Beautiful? It's a comedy about the holocaust and is probably my favorite movie of all time. If you haven't seen it, go watch it right now.  I originally saw it in my Christian Marriage class in college, and recently showed it to my two oldest daughters.  (The first time you see it, you will sob like a baby. You were warned.) I bring this up because it's a comedy. About the holocaust.  I'll leave you to connect the dots.

So the yarn I used is Tusken Knits Fuzz in the "Woke" and "Echo Chamber" colorways, hence the name of the sweater.  But knitting is meditative, so I spent some time thinking about the word "woke" while I worked on this. It has its trendy meaning in our culture today, but it seems to me that it means this:

Woke: (wohk) To have awakened to a truth that you didn't see before, even though it was right there. You were just asleep to it.

And I have awakened to a lot lately. As a Catholic Christian (the point of my identity which is most important to me), I have come to understand a lot about the past 150 years of Church history. I won't go on about that here, but if you are interested, I recommend Taylor Marshall's book Infiltration.

Anyway, "woke" is a word that I think has more meaning beyond the narrow political definition it has been assigned lately. This broader meaning is the way I intend it - the way Maria does, to poke fun, and to describe my own personal awakening to truths about my faith. 

Does that answer it?  I hope so. I never want anyone to feel alienated, or to create a divide. But I don't apologize for using a word I want to use, or for associating with people that others have decided that I shouldn't associate with. That's just nonsense.

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