Knitty McPurly One Year Shopiversary Sale!


You guys...  it has been a YEAR of!!!! Thank you so much for all of your support and liking what I make. To say thank you, I am offering discounts for the entire month of July! See below for a calendar and description of what's on sale all month long! 

All of these sales last only ONE DAY so mark your calendars if there's something you want!

These sales are for everyone, but there will be a few extras for Newsletter Subscribers!  So, go sign up if you haven't already.  ;)

July 1: Take 50% off the Little Gigi Cardigan pattern with code LITTLEGIGI

July 2: Take 50% off the adult Gigi Cardigan pattern with code GIGI

July 3: Take 50% off the Laphroaig Hat pattern with code LAPHROAIG

July 4: Take 50% off the Honeydukes Hat pattern with code HONEYDUKES

July 5: Take 50% off the Cabled Gigi sweater pattern with code CABLEDGIGI

July 6: Take 50% off the Father Shawl pattern with code FATHER

July 7: Take 50% off the Metanoia Shawl pattern with code METANOIA

July 8: Take 50% off the Spaid Hat pattern with code SPAID

July 9: This is exactly one year! A McPurly Pouch Shop Update is dropping at 9am EST AND Take 20% off EVERYTHING in the store with code ANNIVERSARY 

July 10: Take 50% off the Baker Street Shawl pattern with code BAKERSTREET

July 11: Take 50% off the Eleventh Hour Hat pattern with code ELEVENTHHOUR

July 12: Take 50% off the School Days Shawl pattern with code SCHOOLDAYS

July 13: Take 50% off the Canyon Cardigan pattern with code CANYON

July 14: Take 50% off the Pine Grove Ridge Shawl pattern with code PGR

July 15: Take 50% off the James Sweater pattern with code JAMES

July 16: Take 50% off the Molly Sweater pattern with code MOLLY

July 17: Take 50% off the Glazed Pecan Socks pattern with code GPS

July 18: Take 50% off the Bear Socks pattern with code BEAR

July 19-20: Take 50% off the Molly Socks pattern with code MOLLYSOCKS

July 21: Take 50% off the Wonderland Socks pattern with code WONDERLAND

July 22: Take 50% off the Pearl Socks pattern with code PEARL

July 23: Take 50% off the Timothy Ridge Shawl pattern with code TRS

July 24: Take 50% off the Brass Tacks sweater pattern with code BRASSTACKS

July 25: Take 50% off the Inverness sweater pattern with code INVERNESS

July 26: Take 50% off the Williamsburg Cowl pattern with code WILLIAMSBURG

July 27: Take 50% off the Friendship Bundle pattern with code FRIENDSHIP

July 28: Take 50% off the Christmas Nativity pattern with code NATIVITY

July 29: Take 50% off the Watership sweater pattern with code WATERSHIP

July 30: Take 50% off the Fosette crop pattern with code FOSETTE


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