How to Make Your Own Knitty McPurly Signature Necklace

Hello Fellow Makers!

The Signature Necklace was born out of the desire for a trendy necklace on a tight budget. If you prefer to purchase a necklace (which at $16 is still good for those on a tight budget!) then just go buy one using the Catalog button on the left. They are usually in stock and if they aren't, then more are coming soon! But if you are that person (like me!) who just wants to make it yourself, then here is a wee photo tutorial to walk you through the process!  Thanks for reading, friends!

Note: The leather shown here is not the color I usually use! This batch of leather arrived lighter than the last one, and so needs to be tanned further. I took these pictures trying out the lighter color, but ultimately decided I like it darker. This just shows the process of making the necklace.


Two small pairs of needle-nose pliers (you might be able to make it work with one, but two is better!)

leather cut into 2.25" x 0.5" pieces (I get mine in strips from which, even though they are located in Canada, have great shipping prices!)

7 mm jump rings

gold leaf (this can be found at Michael's and probably other craft stores)

Mod Podge (Purchased at Michael's. I use the matte finish, but you could use whichever one you want)

These didn't make the picture, but you also need:

rotary cutter and mat

Your chosen chain (I use brass ball chain, but you could use whatever you like! I buy mine in bulk, but you can find many kinds of chain at Michael's.)

Blue painter's tape

Cheap scissors

Seam ripper


Step 1: Cut the leather to 2.25" x 0.5" using a rotary cutter and mat.

Step 2: Tape off the section you do not want covered in gold leaf using blue painter's tape. I usually tape off 0.75" so that 1.5" are gold leafed.

Step 3: Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge over the exposed leather.

Step 4: Very carefully place a small piece of gold leaf over the Mod Podge. Gold leaf is very delicate, so take your time. Banish all toddlers and fans from the room during this part of the process. 

I love it when the gold leaf moves a bit and gives a bit of texture.  I am also ok with the weathered look, but this will be accomplished over time as the necklace ages, so don't worry too much about perfection.

Step 5: Allow the Mod Podge to dry completely. I usually leave it overnight, but 30 minutes should do it.

Step 6: Peel back the tape, carefully.

Step 7: I use a pair of the kids' scissors to scrape the excess gold leaf off of the sides of the leather. Scrape in a downward motion to ensure that the leaf tears cleanly.

Step 8: Coat the entire front of the pendant with a thin layer of Mod Podge to set the gold leaf in place.

Step 8: Use a seam ripper to make two small holes at the top of the leather as shown.

Step 9: Using your pliers, bend one jump ring into a U shape. Thread a second jump ring onto the U and place both ends of the U into the holes in your leather from front to back.

Step 10: Use the pliers to push the U completely into the holes and squeeze parts of the U that stick out the back to make them lay flat. The result is a jump ring that projects securely from the leather and is ready to receive the chain.

Step 11: Thread your chain through the loop and wear your necklace with pride!

Thank you so much for visiting me here and I hope you found this little tutorial helpful!

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